Styling Room

Project type: Commercial Design
Client: Gindi Investments Ltd.
Year of completion: 2017
Location: Gindi TLV Fashion Mall, Tel Aviv

Details: enter through an almost hidden door, into a corridor leading to “another world”… There you will discover a small room full of design and details, in which we have connected fantasy with reality.

Located in Gindi’s TLV Fashion Mall, the Styling Room serves as a private and exclusive space that allows for personal styling consultations, but there is no doubt that other events can also take place there…

The dressing cubicle in the room grows beyond what is expected, serving as a capsule for transformation. From this the catwalk emerges, while on the focal wall, a garment display collage of brass hangers inspires the customer.

The furniture, art and other carefully chosen design details fully complete the look of this unique space.

Photos by Itay Sikolski

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