Gordonia Private Hotel

Project type: Hotel Interior Design
Client: Kerem Hotel management Ltd. 
Year of completion: 2016
Locaction: Ma’ale Ha’hamisha, Israel

Details: Perched on a peak in the Judean Mountains, the serene oasis of The Gordonia Private Hotel rises like a micro-climatic paradise in the former communal grounds of Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha. Each of the hotel’s sixteen luxury rooms contains, compliments and completes the natural surroundings, perfected by the majestic and endless views of Jerusalem’s peaceful outskirts.

The Hotel’s Lounge is 160mpublic space dedicated to the wellbeing of the hotel guests. It is designed with unique textures created by the choice of natural-toned furniture combined with eclectic, geometrical-inspired carpets and patterns.

Photos by Itay Sikolski

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