Project type: Hotel Interior Design 
Client: Kerem Hotel management Ltd. 
Year of completion: 2020
Location: Zichron Ya’akov, Israel

Details: Elma is a hotel and arts complex that uniquely combines luxurious hotel accommodation with the best in international music, plastic and performing arts. Spanning more than 100 acres, Elma stands on the edge of the Carmel ridge, overlooking a spectacular view of the Mediterranean coastline and a green patchwork of fields and wooded slopes. The historic building is considered one of Israel’s architectural highlights, and won its designer, Yaacov Rechter, the Israel Prize in Architecture. 

From the beginning we understood the importance of the architectural language of the original building, which has its own special language. We realized that we have to be committed to preserving a number of important issues in order to succeed in our mission as the hotel’s interior designers. In our work, we realized that the main task is to reflect the language of the building and its architectural language inside the rooms. For us, it was also important to bring the spectacular view inside and thus every time the guest enters the room, he will experience nature coming in with him. Great importance was given to original Israeli art and it too was carefully selected and carefully integrated and adapted to all hotel rooms and suites. 

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