Ran & Morris

Architecture and Design

We met when we worked as architects in Buki Zuker’s office. It was a period of experimentation, inspiration and hands-on experience with the most challenging projects.

We implemented our knowledge and accomplishments into a unique view of how to create the desired ambiance while considering each and every one of the 500 items that assemble a hotel room. Our Studio operates as a synergetic partnership, integrating our concepts into perfect execution of our clients’ wishes. Our clients include Gindi Investments – Sports and Leisure center, Isrotel Hotels, Crown Plaza Hotels, Kerem Hotels, Mekorot – National water company, BDS Hotels, Tel-Aviv Municipal Authority, Plaza Centers – Shopping Centers worldwide, Wine & More and many more.


Karen joined us 4 years ago. Originally from Scotland, with over 10 years of experience in the commercial design sector, she’s worked on a multitude of projects internationally, including Etihad Towers Spa & Gym in Abu Dhabi, Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel in Kuwait and The Sanctuary Spa in London prior to making Aliyah in 2011. Karen has a love for travel, historical fiction novels and cooking/baking, testing new recipes on her two children and willing husband!  We welcome Karen back after her maternity leave.


Gaby joined our team a month ago. He brings a working experience of more than 25 years(!) in the commercial & hospitality sector, working at "Buki Zuker"'s office from 1990 to 2017. He led the design team on a large number of projects in Israel and abroad, including the Radisson SAS Hotel in Bucharest, Crowne Plaza city center in Tel Aviv, Hilton OVO Hotel in Wroclaw and many more. On  weekends Gaby leaves everything for a few hours for his big love: Cycling.


Our Marketing and Customer Revelations Manager. Keren is responsible for expanding and discovering new marketing avenues, creating new collaborations with entrepreneurs & companies in addition to customer preservation based on maintaining good on going relationships with our customers.

Our Vision

As designers, each of us has a different perception of life and of design methodology. Although it may seem challenging, we consider that as an advantage; the final design is based on  deep and profound research and implementation of creativity, passion and beliefs. We aim to create an exciting and breathtaking result for our clients and for their end users.

Our Advantages

There is a decade in age difference between us, enabling us to create within a rich array of juvenile, impulsive, mature, bold, elegant, respected, inventive and moderate points of view, providing the perfect outline to fulfill our clients’ dreams without mitigating functionality, comfort and proficiency.

Enthusiasm is cohesive in our daily practice, as well as our insights that are based on a long-standing know-how of the Hotels & Hospitality Markets.

In a competitive market as such, design should incorporate the wisdom of professional planning, the complexity of execution and the ease of operation without compromising on style and cost considerations. Hotels are no longer intended to serve a certain niche of clientele; they should welcome a wide range from simple to sophisticated and from earthy to savoir-faire guests.

We are inspired by Coco Chanel’s motto – “Dress shabbily they will remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”. Trends come and go, but a unique and timeless design, is immortal. We don’t follow trends, but we don’t ignore them – we design for eternity. Our design is visionary, yet, meticulous and highly standardized.

We are committed to serve our clients to their full satisfaction, facilitating the quantum leap from an idea to accomplishment. Our service is comprehensive and it includes our personal involvement in each step of the way, allowing the client to relax and enjoy the journey.

Some of our work has been awarded or featured on: