Welcome to our studio

Our Studio operates as a synergetic partnership, integrating our concepts into perfect execution of our clients’ wishes. Our clients include Gindi Investments, Isrotel Hotels, Crown Plaza Hotels, Kerem Hotels, Mekorot, Brown Hotels, Tel-Aviv Municipal Authority, Plaza Centers, Wine & More and many more.

There is a decade in age difference between us, enabling us to create within a rich array of juvenile, impulsive, mature, bold, elegant, respected, inventive and moderate points of view, providing the perfect outline to fulfill our clients’ dreams without mitigating functionality, comfort and proficiency.

Photo by Itay Sikolski

We implement our knowledge and accomplishments into a unique view of how to create the desired ambiance while considering each and every detail.

Our studio aims to create an exciting and breathtaking result for our clients and for their end users.

Our design is visionary, yet meticulous and highly standardized.

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Ran & Morris
Architecture | Design

12 Kehilat Venezia St.
Tel Aviv, Israel